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May 12th

Quicksilver Truck Camper – Did you only purchase a brand new or used slide in truck camper? Or maybe you are out there but are not sure just simply the amount your truck can haul.Maybe it is just the other,like many people, the camper might be inside the driveway and you are able to move as much as a newer tow vehicle.

After my last camper purchase I discovered that my old 3 / 4 ton Ford having a 460 cubic inch gas motor just wasn’t as much as the task. Next stop, the local dealer for any much needed truck upgrade. Lucky me !

Is really a new truck with your budget at this time? In that case that is great. Otherwise usually there are some stuff you could be able concerning your existing vehicle to really make it a bit more

But do not forget, you are able to never affect the factory rating for the truck. You are able to only cause it to be better in a position to get the job done it was eventually built for.

But do not be surprised if even a brand new truck needs outside assistance. I spent a couple of hundred bucks to obtain my diesel powered dual wheel pickup to some point I kinda feel comfortable with. Then a couple of hundred more to really make it able to tow the trailers I usually take along.

So now what is subsequent step?

Among the first things I recommend is a few homework and simple math to work out what your dream camper really weighs in at. NOT just what the data plate says it weighs, but a real scale reading. Yes, I understand that may not be a simple task, particularly if your do not possess the camper with your possession yet.

But, my very own personal experience tells me the manufacturers and dealers

the actual weight of the campers. Sometimes by loads ! In case you really enjoy being safe and legal do not take anybody’s word, conduct the homework.

One spot to look out for these details is on the web RV forums. You may need to hitch a few and request just what the weight could be to the camper you are looking at. Be specific here. You have to know the entire loaded weight with water, propane and also as much gear as you‘d normally take along with an average trip.

Look for longer than one opinion. The majority of folks will assume they know about the answer but have they really weighed their unit? Most likely not. I‘ve weighed two of my campers on Federal DOT truck scales (do not ask me how ) and that they were both a couple of hundred pounds during the manufacturer’s stated weight.

Be realistic too. Your camper will likely never get any lighter. The majority of folks are likely to accumulate more amenities and also the RV just keeps getting heavier.

Trucks, Capacity Ratings and Power Train Combos

Some basic rules apply here if you are shopping (sounds like you bought that new camper, eh? ) for a brand new hauler. You already know the actual weight of your recent slide in. Be certain the truck includes a cargo capacity a minimum of add up to that number. Brakes, suspension, engine and axles are sized to labor within this rating.

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